Pain Management

At Mundelein Animal Hospital, we know that pain control is paramount to ensuring the best quality of life for your pet. Look at all that we can do to control pain in your pet.

Laser Therapy

Companion therapy laser at Mundelein Animal Hospital

We are proud to offer Healing Laser Therapy at Mundelein Animal Hospital! Laser Therapy is used to help reduce pain and inflammation, as well as increase the speed of healing. We use Laser Therapy for acute conditions such as, wounds, bites, skin conditions, sprains, strains and fractures, and post-surgical healing and pain relief. It is also used for chronic conditions such as degenerative joint disease (arthritis), inflammatory bowel disease, lick granulomas, hip dysplasia, feline acne, tendonitis, and much more. The use of laser therapy, in many instances, reduces or eliminates the need for additional medications!

How it works:

Class IV Deep Tissues Laser Therapy uses a beam of laser light to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it. Laser energy induces a biological response in the cells called "photo-bio-modulation," which leads to reduced pain, reduced inflammation and increased healing speed. The laser light is delivered through a noninvasive hand piece to treat the affected area, and most treatments take only a matter of minutes to perform. During laser therapy, your pet may feel a gentle and soothing warmth, which relaxes them as it begins the healing process.

Contact us for more information on this great way to control pain and inflammation!

Additional Pain Management

In addition to laser therapy, we use all of our medical and pharmaceutical means to manage and control pain in our patients. Our pharmacy carries a variety of pain medications and anti-inflammatories to help make your pet comfortable. We also have joint supplements that work very well for pets with arthritis.

Our team is equally devoted to pain control in our surgery patients. Pain medications are administered pre-operatively, during the procedure, and post-operatively as needed to prevent and control pain. We want our patients as comfortable as possible on their surgery day!