Diagnostic & Medical Services

At Mundelein Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to excellence in diagnostics and treatment to sustain your pet’s health and well-being. Find out more about the advanced diagnostic and medical services we offer.

In-House Laboratory

The Mundelein Animal Hospital is proud to be able to provide your pet with valuable and comprehensive state of the art diagnostic services. No matter what the time of your pet’s visit we are equipped to offer a complete range of in-house diagnostic testing. Our in-house laboratory is staffed with highly qualified veterinary technicians. We also utilize Idexx Laboratory and Kansas City University, and Michigan State University as referral laboratories to provide some of the more specific procedures.

Below is a list of some of the in-house diagnostics:

  • Complete blood chemistry profiles
  • Complete blood counts
  • Thyroid tests
  • Parvo tests
  • Feline Leukemia and AIDs tests
  • Heartworm tests
  • Urinalyses
  • Fecal tests
  • Pancreatitis tests
  • Diagnostic cytology
  • Specialized endocrine tests

We use state of the art Idexx Laboratory analyzers:

  • Idexx ProCyte
  • Idexx Catalyst
  • Idexx Coag

Some of the tests run on these machines include pre-anesthetic testing which provides insight into your pet’s health before we administer anesthesia.

Digital Radiology

Taking x-rays has come a long, long way over the years. And we are proud to have complete digital x-ray capabilities here at Mundelein Animal Hospital. Digital radiology provides much clearer, higher quality images than standard x-ray systems. This technology also enables us to send x-rays quickly to radiology specialists, if needed, for the best diagnostic interpretation for your pet.

Onsite Pharmacy/ Prescriptions

Onsite Pharmacy at Mundelein Animal Clinic

Having convenient and immediate access to the many preventive and therapeutic medicines at our hospital ensures pets can start recommended medications right away. If you need to refill medication, our staff will authorize your refill and prepare it for you to pick up, often eliminating the need to call or pick-up from a pharmacy. The convenience of seeing your pet's doctor and being able to pick up your pet's prescription medication on a single visit.

When considering options for purchasing medication, pet owners have many choices, including online pharmacies and mail-order catalogs. But where can you truly get the best value for your money? Who can offer you the most reliable and personalized service? Who has the most complete medical information on your pets, and the ability to anticipate drug interactions or other problems that can result from inappropriately administering medication? Before you purchase your next prescription or medication refill, ask us about our fully stocked pharmacy.

You and your pet will benefit from our pharmacy. We maintain a large inventory of veterinary pharmaceutical products and medications, including flea, tick, and heartworm preventive products. You can rely on us whether your pet requires medication for a chronic medical condition or needs short-term medication while recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery. When you purchase medications from our pharmacy, you can rest assured that your pet's medications were obtained from safe, reliable sources and stored under optimal conditions. Our trained staff will fill your prescriptions with care as well as attention to detail and your pet's specific needs. You can count on us to provide you with accurate information about your pet's medications, including proper dosing information, and to alert you to any potential drug side effects or interactions.

If you want to be sure to get the most value for your dollars, as well as convenience and the best customer service, call us for your next prescription or medication refill. We are pleased to provide our clients with a fully stocked pharmacy and we stand behind every product that we dispense.

Cat Friendly

We know the specialized needs of cats when they visit the vet’s office. We do our very best to accommodate those needs and to keep your cat as stress-free as possible. Among our cat-friendly actions are …

  • Getting your cat into an exam room quickly, so they do not get stressed in the waiting room around other animals
  • Blankets on the exam tables for your cat’s comfort
  • Designated exam rooms for cats
  • Cat treats in every exam room
  • The use of pheromones (hormones that stimulate positive, relaxing feelings) to calm cats down
Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine at Mundelein Animal Clinic

What is Internal Medicine?

Simply said, we take care of all the inside parts of your pet! We work with the internal body systems, whether there are sudden or chronic signs, and regardless of the cause of disease (infection, cancer, degenerative, inflammatory, immune, or trauma). Internal medicine emphasizes non-invasive diagnostic and treatment techniques. At the Mundelein Animal Hospital, our strengths are medical treatments and comprehensive care devoted to your pet’s overall health.

Pet with stethoscope at Mundelein Animal Hospital